Fun Fair - Letter to Parents

Dear parent,

As a child, I was enamoured with the dizzying array of lights, sounds and things to do at our local fun fair … as well as the tempting, intermingling smells of hundreds of (rather unhealthy) snacks. This sheer variety of tactile sensations and new experiences is something we’ve tried to recreate in Fun Fair, our newest Playset game.

With dozens and dozens of movable props, characters and interactive elements, kids can experience the fair as they wish — whether that’s by taking a sky-high trip on the ferris wheel, or a brisk dip in the dunk tank! Of course, we couldn’t leave out fairground classics like the strongman game (now featuring friendly gorilla), bumper cars, a carousel and Whack A (Moon) Mole.

When narrowing down our list of classic games & rides to include, we chose those that would be instantly recognizable and simple to play for even the littlest fairground enthusiasts. With some designed to test your strength, and others handing out hilarious prizes, each features a unique interaction sure to capture their imagination!

As with all our other Playset games, Fun Fair is all about open-ended play — you’re free to create your own fun, and tell your own stories. My favourite way to play? Hanging out (upside down, of course) with Cocoa the bat at the haunted house as the evening fireworks show begins! Don’t forget your earplugs.

Have fun,
Richard Hamer
Play Designer

How to play

With dozens of unique activities and locations to explore, there’s fun to be had for ferris wheel enthusiasts, fairground gourmands and farmyard animal fans alike. Start your trip off with a spin around the carousel, or stop by a carnival game to try your luck and test your strength. Bring your swim goggles — you may even end up in the dunk tank! Walk off any motion sickness as you stroll through the hobby farm, or pick up some goodies at the farmers market. Nearly all the objects, props and characters are interactive, so start stacking, tapping and dragging to see what happens. Tap the sun to turn day to night, and enjoy the evening fireworks show!

To talk about

Plan a virtual day at the fair! Ask your kids to narrate their play experience out loud: Which rides are they going to check out first? Which fairground snacks are they excited to try? Do they prefer the thrills of the rocket roller coaster, or a calming hayride around the farm? Don’t forget to get creative with the ice cream machine — a pumpkin sundae sounds preeeeetty good right about now.

The Team

  • Richard Hamer, Play Designer
  • Katherine Elliott, Lead Artist
  • Rachel Theil, Technical Artist
  • Tassio Knop, Developer
  • Yuliya Boublikova, Animator
  • Danny Simmons, Sound Design & Music
  • Elaine Hsu, Supervising Artist
  • Aaron Leighton, Art Director
  • Danielle Rainey, Release Manager
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