Friends - Letter to parents

Everyone loves a playdate

We created Friends to put kids in control of the playdate. They get to take turns, share and help out.

Dear parent,

Our family loves playdates. It’s always a treat to see our daughter interact with friends her own age. We see how much she is learning as she studies what her friends are doing and navigates the ins and outs of sharing, taking turns and figuring out what to do next. Sago Mini Friends embraces the spirit of the playdate, inviting kids to control the action and join in the fun.

Playing Friends

The playdate begins on the street where all the friends live. Choose a character and guide them to a friend’s house. When you arrive, ring the doorbell to go inside. There you’ll discover a short activity for the two friends to do together. After the activity is complete, you can visit another house or walk to the balloons to choose a different character. Each house has a variety of activities so you’ll get a chance to try something new each time you return. You might serve up snacks on the first visit but wash dishes on the second visit. Variety is the key, with many unique activities including watering plants, taking a nap and dressing up.

To Talk About

Sago Mini Friends offers many storytelling opportunities. Is everyone getting along? Are the friends sharing? As young kids start to transition from parallel play to social play, the app provides an effortless way to talk about getting along with others. Even better, Sago Mini Friends can be enjoyed together with a real-life friend and has been designed to create many opportunities for two sets of little hands.

Fun Feature

Because kids are especially fond of playing the balloons and dress-up activities, we added secret short-cuts to both of them! Holding two fingers on the screen as you enter a house will give you the balloon activity, while holding three fingers down will give you dress-up. It’s just a little thing we snuck in for fun.

Have fun making new friends!
Jason Krogh, CEO

The Team Davin Risk, Designer
John Park, Developer
Luke Lutman, Developer
JP Stringham, Developer
Aaron Leighton, Artist
Elaine Hsu, Artist
Abe Hutton, Animator
Vanessa Logan, Technical Artist
Brian McBrearty, Sound Design

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