Forest Flyer - Letter to parents

Explore a Magical Forest

Dear parent,

Here in Canada the forest is never far away. It is a magical place, full of interesting creatures, adventures and stories, known best by many kids through their favourite storybook or fable. For Robin the bird, the forest is both her home and playground.

The forest also offers endless questions. Who lives in that hole? What do baby birds eat? What do frogs do in the winter? Every tree, pond, and crevice holds a fresh surprise for curious kids.

Sago Mini Forest Flyer is like a digital flip book full of fun little surprises. It is purposefully open-ended, allowing you and your child to explore at your own pace. Like a great play set, kids are encouraged to make up stories to accompany the action.

How to Play

Forest Flyer begins outside of Robin’s birdhouse. Tap to ring the bell, and watch as she pops out of the door, ready to play. Tap Robin and move your finger across the screen to guide her through the trees. Little yellow markers appear, indicating a surprise to explore. Lift your finger near one of these spots to trigger a fun animation. There are more than 30 to find. You can also just tap anywhere, and Robin will fly directly there.

To Talk About

When exploring Forest Flyer with your little one, ask a few questions and invent some playful answers. Who lives in that hole in the tree? Is it an owl? A monster? A lion? How is Robin feeling? Does she get tired or hungry after all that flying?

How does Robin’s forest compare to other forests you know? What creatures live in these other forests? What birds live near your home?

Have fun!
Aaron Leighton, Artist

The Team
Aaron Leighton, Artist
Luke Lutman, Developer
Peter Hamilton, Developer
Vanessa Logan, Technical Artist
Karen Gunter, Animator
Carole Boudreau, Animator
Ryan Fairley, QA

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