Farm - Letter to Parents

Dear parent,

Kids are big fans of farms – they tend to know all the animals’ names, the sounds they make, and even fairly complex things like how produce is grown, harvested and prepared.

We’ve been working together for over a decade, and have been wanting to build a farm app for nearly as long. We really wanted it to have the tactile feel of the physical playsets we remember from childhood (remember the little red farmhouse with the plastic animals and white fence?) with a bit of digital magic thrown in.

In Sago Mini Farm, kids can move, stack and interact with almost everything. They can feed apples to horses, throw those apples on the barbecue, or stack the apples sky-high on a see-saw. In fact, they can balance just about anything on the see-saw!

The more they play, the more they’ll discover – and their boundless curiosity is rewarded. Once they harvest fresh veggies from the garden, they can try running them through the juicer, or throwing them on the grill. Or they might decide that a fried egg would make a good hat for a rooster – who knows what kids will find funny?

Happy harvesting,

Davin Risk and John Park



There’s so much to do on the Sago Mini farm. Try bringing Robin over to visit the horses in the stable. Nearly all the objects are interactive, so start stacking, tapping and dragging to see what happens. Maybe Robin will ride a horse – or vice versa! Once you’re finished at the stables, try growing some produce in the garden. Tap the raincloud to help them grow! Next, try loading up the tractor and driving your fresh produce to the juicer or barbecue – can you make a pumpkin pie?


Farm encourages learning through play: practice good bathroom habits with the backyard outhouse, and recycling with the mini blue bin. Like all our games, creativity rules the day – observe kids at play and ask them to narrate their experiences. Is Robin having fun on the farm? What are some of her ‘farm chores’ today?How do her friends help her out? What do you like best about visiting the farm?

To access the settings, open the Settings app on your device and scroll down to Farm. Here you’ll find options to hide the “Sago News” and “For Parents” buttons on the title screen.

The Team

Davin Risk, Designer

John Park, Developer

Vanessa Logan, Technical Artist

Katherine Diemert, Illustrator

Aaron Leighton, Artist

Danny Simmons, Sound Design

Ryan Fairley, Quality Assurance

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