Dinosaurs - Letter to Parents

Dear parent,

It’ll probably be no surprise to you when I share that Dinosaurs has been one of our most hotly-anticipated titles of all time … not only by our preschool-aged fans, but by Sago Mini employees as well, counting myself very much as one of them. While I’ve been bugging the powers that be since 2016, this is an app we all really wanted to take our time to get right.

I love the innate mystery behind dinosaurs; that while they’re ancient history, they still feel current, as we’re constantly learning new information and uncovering new species. Kids love dinos too, and I myself have very fond memories of playing-pretend as a Pleasour (basically a long-necked, water-based dino with a mouth of razor-sharp teeth!) while swimming with my siblings.

My computer background, featuring some VERY early concept sketches by none other than our Art Director Aaron Leighton.

The Dinosaur playset shares the fun, open-ended play patterns of our other Playset apps. Kids can stack, drag and interact with nearly everything in this lush prehistoric world, learning about their dino friends as they go. The walking dinosaurs are pretty cool in this app, a motion we’ve never tried before, and I think it really brings these majestic ancient beings to life in a very Sago way!

I hope Dinosaurs brings you and your little pterodactyls as much joy in playing it as it’s brought us in making it. (And yes, I am the very proud voice of the velociraptor, care of my make-shift closet recording studio!)

Your fellow prehistoric pal, Danielle Rainey

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