Camping – Letter to Parents

Dear parent,

I’ll never forget how exciting my first school camping trip was — it was my first time away from home, and there was nothing quite like the thrill of exploring the wilderness with my classmates. We wanted to bring that same spirit of adventure to Camping, populating the campground with friendly Sago favourites and new woodland pals alike.

The newest in our line-up of Playset games, Camping takes you on a trip to a secluded woodland paradise complete with dozens of camping amenities.

Prefer glamping to camping? While I love hearing the sounds of humming bugs and rustling trees from my tent, we made sure to include heated cabins and a well-stocked campground tuck shop to suit all sorts.

As many of us are spending a bit more time indoors than we’re used to, Camping is a great way to experience some digital greenery — telling stories about the great outdoors until we can get back out there again. Want to set the scene for some indoor-outdoor storytelling? I’m a big fan of creating an urban jungle with houseplants! Starting a small herb or succulent garden with your kids is a great way to bring the outdoors in, too.

Happy trails,
Elaine Hsu
Senior Artist

How to play

With dozens of unique activities and locations to explore, there’s fun to be had for lakeside loungers and intrepid explorers alike! Set up your tent, then spend the day rock climbing, waterfall sliding and cave exploring — can you find Wilson the Sasquatch’s home? When it’s time to relax, take a lazy paddle around the lake or grill up some hot dogs over the fire. Nearly all the objects, props and characters are interactive, so start stacking, tapping and dragging to see what happens. Don’t forget to bring TP when you visit the outhouse!

To talk about

Plan a virtual family camping trip! Ask your kids to narrate their play experience out loud: What would they pack for a weekend in the forest? Which animals are they excited to meet? Would they prefer to spend the night in a tent, RV or cabin? What fireside snacks are they excited to serve up? Can they play “Kum Ba Yah” on the forest piano?

The Team

  • Davin Risk, Play Designer
  • Elaine Hsu, Lead Artist
  • Katherine Elliott, Artist
  • Rachel Theil, Technical Artist
  • Tassio Knop, Developer
  • Yuliya Boublikova, Animator
  • Danny Simmons, Sound Design & Music
  • Danielle Rainey, Release Manager
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