Bug Builder - Letter to parents

Create, hatch and play!

Dear parent,

Every child loves to make their mark. Sago Mini Bug Builder lets your little artist do just that by customizing their own adorable bug and bringing it to life. Our app is inspired by a classic preschool arts and crafts activity — giving kids a basic shape to transform into something all their own. Walk into almost any preschool and you’ll see walls covered in decorated fish, trees or flowers. The activity works because young children have a chance to practice their art skills while always ending up with a recognizable object to show off.


Once the bug has laid an egg, it's up to you to make it hatch. The egg will wiggle, encouraging your child to tap it — a quick tap and a new bug is born! A colour palette pops up at the bottom of the screen. Tap a colour and use your finger to draw silly squiggles and wacky patterns on your bug. Try drawing with a friend or using both hands.

Tap the checkmark button when you're finished, then tap the cocoon for a fun surprise. Now it’s time to play with your bug. Choose a hat, feed it snacks, and don't forget to clean up the mess! When the sponge appears, pick it up and give your bug a soapy scrub. All clean? Then get ready for picture time. Snap a photo of the bug to share by tapping the camera.


Have some extra fun by adding a little game! Ask your child how many colours she used to paint the bug. How many colours are available? Maybe ask her to use only two and to name them.

Or ask some open-ended questions and come up with playful answers together: What's your bug's name? Are all the bugs brothers and sisters or cousins or aunts and uncles? Where do they live? When the bug flies off, where do you think it's going?

Have fun,
Colin McCune, Developer

The Team
Colin McCune, Developer
Peter Hamilton, Developer
Davin Risk, Designer
Aaron Leighton, Artist
Karen Gunter, Animator
Vanessa Logan, Technical Artist
John Park, Developer

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