Bringing smiles to children's hospitals with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation

Sago Mini collaborates with Ryan Seacrest Foundation

Last year, we collaborated with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation to spread the joy of Sago Mini Boxes throughout several children's hospitals in the United States. Dedicated to uplifting children in pediatric hospitals, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation provides patients opportunities to explore the creative realms of radio, television, and new media. The foundation builds studios within children’s hospitals, giving kids access to a variety of programming, virtual events broadcast across the Seacrest Studios network, and visits from special guests. Providing positive, engaging experiences for patients to look forward to helps lift spirits during difficult times, and we’re so proud to support a foundation that makes such a meaningful impact on so many families.

A virtual playdate with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and Sago Mini Box

In April 2021, we kicked off our relationship with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation by sending Sago Mini Boxes to several pediatric hospitals. The Space Explorer box, complete with a DIY rocket ship, space cats, an astronaut helmet, a collective Neville figurine, and a box that transforms into a jetpack, brought smiles to hundreds of children and their families.

Last month, we participated in our first virtual playdate with eight hospitals, which was broadcast in each hospital via Seacrest Studios. Along with Sago Mini team member Andrea Lorentz, children staying at the hospitals explored the Fairy Tales Box, filled with creative activities and imaginative play. The event started with decorating cheerful wizard hats, then participants prepared for a fairy tale play. After building props and working together to create a story from magic story beans, it was showtime! Kiddos and their families followed along with Andrea while she performed a play with finger puppets and props, all based on the story beans and suggestions from participants. We can’t wait for the next playdate!

Virtual event with Sago Mini Box

The Sago Mini team is thrilled to support the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, and we look forward to bringing more joy to children and their families during their hospital stays. To learn more about the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, visit

Taking part in the virtual playdate with Sago Mini
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