Boats - Letter to parents

“Boats invites kids to invent their own adventures on the high seas.” -- Richard Hilmer, Sago Mini

Dear parent,

Where do you look for inspiration when making a kid’s app about boats? The answer, it turns out, is the bathtub. Bath time is rich with stories. Make some waves, dive underwater, hunt for treasure and look out for pirates. A bar of soap becomes a boat, an open tap becomes a waterfall. Sago Mini Boats is designed to be just as rich in storytelling opportunities. The result is a digital playset that sets the scene but invites kids to create their own adventures.

Playing Boats

Getting started is easy - choose a destination, pack your things and pick a boat. There are two ways to drive - tap the right or left side of the screen to go forward and backward, or just pick up the boat with your finger and go. You can fly through the air or dive beneath the waves. In each voyage there are new discoveries to be made!

See something you want to pick up as you go? Drag cargo into your boat or just tap to make it hop in. You’ll discover fun island destinations where you can collect treasures, meet new friends or stop for an ice cream.

To Talk About

Like all Sago Mini apps there are no levels or time limits but there is a lot to explore. Where is Harvey going? Who are these magical creatures you meet? Exactly how many cupcakes can Harvey eat?

Happy Travels,
Richard Hilmer, Developer

The Team
Lisa Armstrong, Designer
Richard Hilmer, Lead Developer
Nik Aggarwal, Developer
Aaron Leighton, Artist
Elaine Hsu, Artist
Abe Hutton, Animator
Vanessa Logan, Technical Artist
Brian McBrearty, Sound Design

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