Big City – Letter to Parents

Dear parent,

Do you like to travel? I do. I was inspired by recent trips and my hometown when developing the artwork for Big City. The energy and excitement. The hustle and bustle. The stunning cityscapes!

I grew up in Toronto - the most multiculturally diverse city on the planet! An eclectic mix of soaring skyscrapers and green spaces, neighborhoods and storefronts, and other local curiosities including a vibrant food scene. I love the neighborhood food culture of Kensington market and sampling cuisine from around the world. I tried to replicate some of the colourful streets and mouth-watering treats (ice cream!) in the game for budding foodies on their first culinary adventure.

For me, the biggest challenge was to design a distinct range of architecture - from classic brick buildings to modern glass towers - that would engage a toddler. I had a lot of fun creating iconic sights and attractions such as a gated park, a fountain and a natural history museum to encourage kids to explore and discover big city landmarks.

I really wanted kids to experience a lively destination - jam-packed with fun activities, silly surprises, and cute details. No itinerary or travel tips required! I hope kids will have a blast playing Big City.

See you around town!

Elaine, Artist

Playing Big City

When you’re hit with the travel bug, visit the Big City! Have fun with your Sago Mini friends taking a bus, playing in the park, riding a firetruck, visiting the museum or grabbing a snack at the diner. Stroll down the street to the outdoor theatre for fifteen minutes of fame. Don't forget to swing by the post office to pick up your special package - what kind of surprise is waiting inside?

To Talk About

Like all Sago Mini apps, there are no levels or time limits, just open-ended play. While playing with your little one, ask questions and make up stories. Have you ever been to a big city? Do you live in a big city or in a small town? Have you ever seen a ‘skyscraper’? How tall was it? What kinds of things do you think people can do in a big city? What do you like best about where you live?

The Team

Elaine Hsu, Lead Artist

Davin Risk, Play Designer

Nik Aggarwal, Developer

Aaron Leighton, Artist

Katherine Elliott, Artist

Danny Simmons, Sound Design

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