Babies - Letter to parents

“Taking care of these babies is a blast - even when you're on diaper duty!” -- Vanessa Logan, Sago Mini

Dear Moms and Dads,

Sago Mini Babies is our quirky and cute take on a universal play pattern. Little kids love taking on the role of mom or dad. It’s such a healthy, nurturing activity for young children. We specifically created Sago Mini Babies to be fun and welcoming for boys and girls alike - after all, who can resist cute, baby animals?

This unique app is filled with magically responsive characters. John, the lead developer on the project, created lively babies who giggle, cry and react to all of your actions. Their cute, funny expressions make taking care of these babies a blast - even when you're on diaper duty!

Babies was inspired by an adorable bulldog puppy who visited the team one day while at the park. He brightened our day with his curiosity and playful spirit. We knew then that baby versions of Harvey, Robin, Jinja and Jack would make great additions to the Sago Mini world!

Playing Babies

There are eight activities to enjoy with your babies: changing diapers, eating, drinking, bath time, dress-up, dance, blocks, and baby swing. To pick an activity, tap on either side of the screen to make your baby crawl or pick them up and drag. Each activity is marked with a little star - just tap it to play. If your baby is getting tired, bring them over to the Yeti’s mat for nap time. His comfy blue mat is the perfect spot to rest up before heading out on more adventures!

To Talk About

Sago Mini Babies gives boys and girls a chance to play the role of caregiver. The activities naturally lend themselves to being tied together into little narratives. A great way to share the experience is to ask your child how they are taking care of their baby friends. Just like real babies, the Sago Mini babies feel a wide range of emotions. This can lead to discussing how the babies are feeling and what you can do to keep them giggling or cheer them up.

Fun Feature

We know that children love to show off what they’ve accomplished -- so we’ve added a fun feature to the dress-up activity. When you snap a photo of your dressed-up baby it replaces their framed portrait on the nursery wall. Try dressing up all four babies to redecorate all four picture frames!

Have fun making new friends!
Vanessa Logan, Technical Artist

The Team
Davin Risk, Designer
John Park, Lead Developer
Richard Hilmer, Developer
Nik Aggarwal, Developer
Luke Lutman, Developer
Peter hamilton, Developer
Aaron Leighton, Artist
Elaine Hsu, Artist
Abe Hutton, Animator
Gabby DaRienzo, Artist
Vanessa Logan, Technical Artist
Danny Simmons, Sound Design

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