Airport – Letter to Parents

Dear parent,

Airports represent a world of wonder for a kid – often symbolic of the beginning of a big adventure, they’re full of mysteries, questions and new experiences. Every young traveller remembers marvelling at the luggage carousel, or hunting down the nearest playground to play away a long layover.

We wanted our newest Playset app Airport to feel as true to a real travel experience as possible (without the delays, drudgery and long lines for the washroom, of course!). Featuring the classic airport locations like the arrivals gate, check-in counter, security, runway and much more, kids can explore the airport using the interactive props, characters and objects. Going through the check-in steps gives kids the power to tell their own travel stories and is perfect for first-time fliers who may be a bit unsure about what to expect.

Early experiences at the airport often involve welcoming or sending off family members. This gave us a fun excuse to create a few new “extended family” characters, such as Harvey’s uncle Jasper and Jinja’s grandma Nola! It was a unique challenge to decide how closely we wanted these new characters to resemble their family members. One of my favourite surprises is the x-ray machine, which gives you a peek inside the characters’ suitcases – and even the characters themselves! (Don’t try at home, kids.)

I hope Airport accompanies you on many wonderful adventures this year – whether they’re high in the sky or cozied up on the couch.

Bon voyage,

Aaron Leighton

Art Director

How to play

Like our other Playset apps (Farm, Big City, and Zoo) nearly all the characters, props and objects are stackable, movable and interactive. How you play, and the stories you tell, are up to you! Try peeking inside a suitcase on the x-ray machine, or putting a coin in a vending machine for a preflight treat. When it’s time to fly, head out onto the runway to choose your ride – will you fly in a jumbo jet, or take a quick jaunt in a passenger plane?

To talk about

Here are a few questions to get your little travellers thinking creatively as they play Airport: Where are their Sago Mini friends going on vacation? What did they pack in their bags? Who has come to say “Bon Voyage!” to them? How long is their layover? How will they pass the time? Who is going to pilot their plane?

The Team

Davin Risk, Play Designer

John Park, Developer

Elaine Hsu, Lead Artist

Katherine Elliott, Artist

Danny Simmons, Sound Artist

Danielle Rainey, Release Coordinator

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