Message from the CEO

Jason Krogh

On behalf of the entire Sago Mini team, I’m excited to announce the launch of our new website. The site reflects Sago Mini’s evolution from touchscreen apps to a full range of fun products. All are created in the spirit of promoting play-based learning and kid-centric design.

When Sago Mini was born three years ago, we set out to create the very best touchscreen toys for kids age 5 and under. The results have been extraordinary. Every month more than 2 million kids across the globe play our apps. And we’re thrilled with the positive feedback we receive from kids and parents.

The touchscreen is an incredible platform for play. Every day our fans build houses, sail the seas, decorate monsters, change diapers, travel through space and join our characters on all kinds of fun adventures.

Our mission is to promote play for its own sake, because we know that play itself is meaningful. Sago Mini products don’t include artificial incentives, formal rules, or scripted characters because we want kids to have ownership of the ways they play.

“ Now kids have more ways to play with the characters and settings they’ve discovered through our apps. ”

Last year, we set out to create a line of Sago Mini books and toys. Our team worked incredibly hard to create products that embody the spirit of Sago Mini - open play, thoughtful design and delightful details. Now kids have more ways to play with the characters and settings they’ve discovered through our apps. Kids in our playtest groups have imagined, giggled, and engaged with these new toys in ways both similar to and unique from our touchscreen toys. We’re so proud to add these beautiful books, playsets, floor mats and other products to our line and we hope they will inspire your play time in new and exciting ways.

Jason Krogh,
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