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If you have kids between the ages of 3-5 and live in the Toronto area, we’d love your help! At Sago Mini, we believe in designing apps & toys from a kid’s perspective.That’s why we invite kids to our downtown Toronto studio on a regular basis to playtest. Playtesting informs our designs. Playtesting is key to creating super fun, intuitive and engaging apps & toys that kids simply love.

What to expect during a playtesting session?

We hold playtesting sessions throughout the development of an app or toy in our sunny studio. Sessions usually last half hour. Each session includes playtesting with a designer or developer. For apps, the session is recorded via a tiny camera installed on an iPAD. For toys, kids get to play with a toy prototype while the design team watches and gathers feedback directly from the kids and their parents.

All playtesting includes photos, snacks and fun!

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“ During playtesting sessions, we observe and record kids' play. We want to support the way kids play and let them lead the experience. There is no right or wrong way to play. Our aim is to make it the best play experience it can be. ”

Lisa Armstrong

Play Designer

Play on an iPad with one of our developers

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“ Sometimes we think we have a clever idea, but in the hands of a 3 year old, they might not like it. Other times, they play with our toys in completely unexpected ways. That’s helpful and surprising at the same time. ”

Phil So

Toy Designer
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