Learn beyond ABCs and 123s with Sago Mini World

With Sago Mini World, you’re not only providing your child with a healthy dose of fun, but you’re also helping them develop some real-world skills, beyond just ABCs and 123s (which are super awesome too, of course!)

By exploring World, your preschooler will also get an education in:

1) Early Math.

One of the first ways that preschoolers learn math skills, is through advanced calculus. Kidding! It’s though sorting and matching. Head over to Pet Cafe and help Harvey, Jinja and Robin match food items to their correct shapes (and have some yummy snacks, too!)

2) Creativity.

Encourage your little ones creativity through music! In Puppy Preschool, kids can tap away at a colourful, puppy-themed keyboard to create their own melody, or maybe even stumble upon one they already know! Twinkle Twinkle is always a crowd pleaser.

3) Problem solving.

Puzzles are perfect for fostering problem solving skills, while also helping your preschooler learn patience, and a sense of accomplishment. Visit Jack in Sago Mini Apartment and help him assemble some simple, colourful puzzles!

4) Social and Emotional skills.

Sago Mini Friends is a great primer on the importance of sharing and team work. Preschoolers can get even get an early education in empathy, by watching how characters facial expressions change when you share with them (happy!) or don’t share with them (maybe not so happy!)

Take a trip around Sago Mini World and see what other skills your little ones can master!

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